Is close good enough?

2Ch 25:2
He did what was right in the sight of the Lord, yet not with a true heart.

The new king had studied the laws of God and he knew the right things to do.  He began to enact the practices that he had been taught and yet there was something wrong.  God was longing for a King like David, a man after his own heart.  Not this king, for Amaziah did not have a true heart.  He could follow the letter of the law, but he had no passion for God.

Too often Christians get hung up on following the letter of the law and somehow miss out on the personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  Hours can be spent examining little details of facts and condemning others who may not see things from exactly the same perspective and all the while they may not have a true heart. 

A true heart seeks The Lord with all of their being.  The law is not a list of rules but it is a passion which comes from the heart that is set on The Lord. 

For Amaziah just getting close to following God was not good enough.  Looking like a Christian, going to church and giving in the offering does not make you a true follower of Christ.  A true follower of Christ has a heart and passion that is directed in loving service toward him.  The law is followed out of love for God and not out of obedience to a list of rules.  Even the law was to become a stumbling block to the people of God.  What is it that can become a stumbling block to us today? 

Just getting close to looking like a Christian is not good enough!  The Lord looks on the heart and he is our judge.


Lord, may your children seek you with all of their hearts and may you infuse them with your transforming Spirit.  Please open our eyes to the things in our lives which we may have allowed to become stumbling blocks to wholeheartedly falling in love with you! Amen.


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