Spice-Laden Mountains


Song 8:14      ¶ Make haste, my beloved,
        and be like a gazelle
    or a young stag
        upon the mountains of spices!

This is the final verse of the Song of Songs.  It seems to end rather abruptly and yet there is passion and poignancy in this last comment.  This entire book, the Song of Songs sits at the very heart of the word of God and is a reminder that the call of God’s people is into an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.  Jesus had not yet come when the book was written and so it becomes prophetic, foreshadowing the arrival of the beloved, the one with whom we would fall in love. The longing and the desire contained within the pages of the Song are a reminder to us of the deep love that Jesus has for us and the depth of response he is awaiting from us.  True holiness is to become absorbed in the holy love exuding from the beloved.

But here the book ends rather abruptly.  The beloved is suddenly gone and we are awaiting his return.  Where is he?  Why is our heart broken?  Some commentators have suggested that the mountain of spices represents the three days in which he is in the tomb for it is in death that bodies were wrapped in spices.  Others have said it denotes the time now when he is gone to the Father and we await his return.  The throne of the Father is a royal throne and when Jesus was born the wise-men came and brought him gold, frankincense and myrrh.  These were spices in honor of a king. 


Jesus is our king who now waits upon the spice-laden mountain, a mountain in which he receives the honor that is due him as our Lord and King!  At the same time this becomes our prayer for we, his beloved, have fallen deeply in love with him.  Our desire is for him.  We cry out, “make haste” — come back quickly for we love you and our only desire is for you.  On his holy hill, the mountain of spices permeates his very being and our prayer too is that his holy scent will, through the Holy Spirit, be brought to us, those who are his holy people and the world will be drawn toward the one who is now upon the spice-laden mountains.


Lord, may your love so permeate our being that your holy spice-laden scent would be noticeable through me.  Your love overwhelms me!  Amen.


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