Feeling Far From Home


Psa. 120:5        Woe is me, that I am an alien in Meshech,
        that I must live among the tents of Kedar.
6     Too long have I had my dwelling
        among those who hate peace.
7     I am for peace;
        but when I speak,
        they are for war.


The city of Meshech was in the far north of Israel and Kedar was in the Syro-Arabian Desert to the southeast. They were both known for being wild and barbaric and obviously he wasn’t physically in those places, but he was metaphorically. However, no matter how far away from home he was, and no matter how hostile the surrounds, he continued to be “for” peace. Every effort was made to live in peace and share the peace that he knew, even when feeling far from home.


Just like the Psalmist there are times when we feel far from home, even when we may be at home. Life can take on a hostile edge and suddenly we feel as if we are far from the comforts of home that make us feel at peace. It’s that diagnosis, or news from work, or the relationship that begins to deteriorate that send us to Meshech and Kedar.

The good news is that Jesus is in Meshech and Kedar. The Prince of Peace has made his dwelling in those barbaric and wild places and continually reaches out to bring us his comfort. Life may seem as if it is in favor of war, but Jesus is for peace.

When we find ourselves feeling far from home, it’s time to look for the familiar. Get to know Christ every day and when suddenly we are in Meshech we will discover the familiar comfort of our Lord. When he is present we are never far from home.


Lord, thank you for your peace. Amen.

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