The Greatest


1Cor. 13:13        And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.


This entire chapter speaks to the need for love within the lives of the Corinthians. The culmination here reminds us of the place for faith and hope, along with love. Faith, hope and love are necessary for our relationship to God but it is love alone which defines the character of God. It is this love that reaches out to humanity and envelopes us in the holy hand of God for all of eternity. As we become partakers of the divine nature, the holy love of God draws us ever onward in a deeper relationship with our holy God. This is God’s love drawing and transforming his creation and this prevails for all of eternity.


Any kind of love which is defined outside of a relationship with God is not the greatest! This eternal love about which Paul is speaking comes to us from God. Everything in life becomes temporal as compared to this love from God.

When we make a fuss about things temporal — we are the gong or the cymbal — simply making a bunch of noise.

We are not the greatest.

Our child’s soccer game is not the greatest.

Our new car isn’t the greatest.

Our frequent flyer status isn’t the greatest.

Our spouse isn’t the greatest.

Our parents aren’t the greatest.

Our church isn’t the greatest.

My style of worship music isn’t the greatest.

God’s love is the greatest! Let all the distractions of the day be put aside and focus on the incredible love of God which is drawing us ever deeper into a relationship with him. There is nothing more important than knowing God. When we know God, we begin to experience that holy love which is eternal. Nothing should distract us from that which is the greatest.


Lord, thank you for your holy love.  Amen.

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