2Cor. 6:1    As we work together with him, we urge you also not to accept the grace of God in vain.  2 For he says, “At an acceptable time I have listened to you,
and on a day of salvation I have helped you.”
See, now is the acceptable time; see, now is the day of salvation!


Paul understood his partnership together with the Lord. In the previous chapter he had mentioned his role as an ambassador. The actual word used here to understand “work together” has at its root the word “synergy.” Paul seems to understand that we are to partner together in the work of the Lord and the result is a type of synergism, a catalytic relationship that releases energy. He is preaching the good news of Jesus Christ to the people and as a result is a participant in God’s prevenient grace, reaching out to those in need of salvation.  The synergism of God’s grace, combined with Paul’s faithful preaching resulted in the salvation of many.


We are invited to be co-laborers, working in a synergistic relationship with the Lord. This means that we need to be cognizant of bringing our best to the Lord. It is our best which partners with God’s grace to reach out to the world around us.

What if God were able to use all the talents that he has bestowed on his children to minister to the world? I believe that is his plan, if only we will bring to him the very best of all that we have and use it in service for God. This may mean that we need to evaluate our abilities in light of service to the Lord. We don’t receive our talents to be used for our own personal benefit, but they are intended to be God’s instruments in the world.

God’s co-workers need to be at the table, serving as ambassadors of the kingdom in all walks of life. That’s why we need to understand that everywhere we go, and in everything that we do we are reflecting Christ to our world. The synergy of co-laboring with God is more than we could imagine. We just need to be faithful to bring our best in service to him!


Lord, please help me to co-labor with you each and every single day.  Amen.

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