1     Those who trust in the LORD are like Mount Zion,
        which cannot be moved, but abides forever.
2     As the mountains surround Jerusalem,
        so the LORD surrounds his people,
        from this time on and forevermore.


Trust is found in our individual lives and in that of the believing community. When we live together in this community and trust in the Lord we will find ourselves surrounded by the mountains of God’s power and strength. The result is security for God’s people as they place their trust in him.


“Trust but verify.” It was a phrase made famous by Ronald Reagan during the Cold War. In reality, it meant we didn’t trust unless we verified that what was said was true.

This is not the kind of trust that we are to have in God. It is not a trust — if only God will do something in particular. God asks us to trust in him even when we don’t necessarily understand everything that is going on. His thoughts truly are higher than ours and there comes a place in which we are to trust in what it is he is doing in this world.

I’ve heard people ask, “What in the world is going on?” as they see what appears to be chaos surrounding them. There are refugees who are searching for a home. There are extremists who are wanting to disrupt our way of life. There are crazy weather patterns and conditions.

Yet, in the midst of it all God calls on us to trust in him, both individually and corporately. God is like the mountain that will not be moved. He surrounds his people, encircling them forevermore. He is trustworthy and it is in him that we place our trust even when we don’t understand what is happening. What in the world is going on? God is still on the move drawing all people toward him. God is in the midst of the chaos bringing his peace…if only we will trust.


Lord, thank you for your encircling love that brings your peace. Amen.

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