Grace Upon Grace


John 1:16 From his fullness we have all received, grace upon grace. 


Jesus, the Word became flesh. It is in this season of year that we continue to thank God and celebrate the gift of Jesus. As a result we have received the incredible gift of grace that has been bestowed upon humanity. The ways in which God has continually reached out to humanity reach us as wave upon wave of his grace. It is at the moment in which we need his gracious response to our need that his grace is received. This grace is new day by day and moment by moment for it becomes specific to our very need.  This grace upon grace comes upon us like the waves of the ocean, time and time again, the superabundance of God’s love for his people.


Grace is not something that was talked about much in my tradition. Instead there was more of a focus upon our own personal engagement in living a lifestyle of holiness. The result was that, at times, we felt almost as if grace ended when we were saved. We understood the prevenient grace that reached out to us that brought us to salvation but somehow not the grace that would continue to come to us in our time of need.

This “grace upon grace” is for those who are his followers. It is not a pile up of grace from which we pick and choose, but it is instead grace which flows out to us in the everyday moments of life. No matter where we are in our spiritual journey there will be those moments when we need a sense of his holy presence helping and leading us through.

There will be moments when we will disappoint our Lord.

There will be the times when others will disappoint us.

Our hearts will be broken.

We will need to ask forgiveness.

We will mess up.

And it’s in that moment that the waves of grace come washing over us, bringing healing to our place of woundedness.

The fullness of Christ is revealed to us when we realize he is enough. His grace is enough for yesterday, today and tomorrow. We are lavished with his “grace upon grace.”


Lord, words cannot express the gratitude for your great grace.  Amen.
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