Of Human Power and Godly Hope


Psa. 118:8 It is better to take refuge in the LORD
        than to put confidence in mortals.
9     It is better to take refuge in the LORD
        than to put confidence in princes.


The Psalmist understood the struggles of life and the desire for strength and security. This was not something that the things of the world could offer and hope was only to be found in the LORD. People and whatever power they may be able to exert would eventually be exhausted and the “mortality” of man revealed. Princes represented the political leaders of the day who would tickle the ears of their followers but would eventually let them down. When it comes to really relying, depending on or trusting in this life, we must turn to the LORD.


We are being exposed to political leaders who are promising us just about everything under the sun. The global economy is struggling for some kind of equilibrium and the geopolitical landscape is shaken with uncertainty. No matter what a person tries to promise us there are far too many factors which are beyond their reach or control. No human being — no prince — will be our good angel in whom we should put our trust.

There is no Gospel but the good news of Jesus Christ and what he teaches us is radically counter-cultural to things of this world. Mortal solutions to our needs will only be temporal and may step upon the needs of others. This is not the way of Christ! He is our LORD and we are to rest and rely upon him.

We need to radically disconnect from the power systems of this world and rest in Godly hope. For those who have been followers of Jesus Christ for a long time, it’s what we’ve been taught since our childhood. However, it seems hard to put into practice in the daily grind of life. The words of the Psalmist remind us of the intentionality of the prayer and we are invited to join in. Leave the mortal world and the power systems to themselves and thoroughly anchor in the LORD — every day!


Lord, your gentle reminder to trust you as my refuge is a revelation of your great love for us. Thank you.  Amen.

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