Divine Calm

Acts 6:15 And all who sat in the council looked intently at him, and they saw that his face was like the face of an angel.


Stephen had been brought before the Sanhedrin and they were complaining about him and what he had said and done. In the mist of this confrontation we find this phrase, “they saw that his face was like the face of angel.” This man who may have been considered a little lower than the Apostles was radiant with the glory of the Lord. He didn’t lack for having performed signs and wonders, and the greatness was not in relation to position, but in relationship to God. 

The glory of God was visible in his countenance. This was the grace of God, or the radiant glory of Moses that was visible in his face. Just as Moses was radiant after having been in God’s presence on Mount Sinai, so too was Stephen’s face glorious from having been in the presence of God. 

The supernatural radiance was visible and it was a testament to divine calm. The Holy Spirit was within Stephen and the glow of that presence was visible on his face. It was a witness to the communion which he had been experiencing with God. Stephen had committed everything into the hands of God and he lived in that confidence. The divine calm which enveloped him gave him peace in the midst of this trial for he had been and would be with God. 


The depth of our spiritual lives will become visible in our physical lives. For the one who spends time in communion with God there will be a witness in their daily lives. If there is no witness, no transformation, then we must doubt that there is regular and on-going communion with God. 

One of the evidences of being in God’s presence is a divine peace or calm. The road of life may be rocky and the circumstances difficult but the joy of the Lord can still be our strength. Joy or happiness doesn’t come from everything turning out just the way in which we want it, but from trusting in our Lord and praying for divine peace. This calm comes from the inside out. It’s not determined by our circumstances, but by our relationship with God. 

Stephen becomes an example to us all and a challenge to our spiritual lives. In the mist of difficulties can we keep our eyes on Jesus and allow his divine calm to so envelope our beings that we desire nothing but to be in his holy presence? Divine calm can rule the day, even when we face challenges that would not normally bring peace. 


Lord, thank you for the promise of your glory and peace. Amen.


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