Faithfulness and Holiness

Psa. 93:5    Your decrees are very sure;
holiness befits your house,
O Lord, forevermore.


Over and again the Lord promises to be faithful. Whether the rainbow in the sky following the terrible flood, or the promise that no lives would be lost to Paul in the midst of a storm, God fulfills the promises made. God’s decrees then, are sure, and not to be doubted. The very nature of God is revealed in holiness. The God who lives in the house also lives among the people. God’s holiness is revealed in promises and decrees which transform the people. Faithfulness leads to holiness. 


If we simply took the title out of context we would think that our faithfulness to God will bring about personal holiness. The problem is that this is the way in which we have typically thought of holiness — a change in our personal behaviors. However, this is not what the Psalmist is saying. God’s faithfulness to humankind is what provides the opportunity for humanity to be made holy. It is God who is faithful and that ought to be a very sobering reality. We are unable to make ourselves holy on our own power. It is only when we participate in the holiness of God that we, too, are made holy. We are only holy because of God’s holiness in us. 

Holiness befits the house of the Lord. In other words, God’s holiness permeates the house because God is in the house. The way that we become holy is by dwelling in the house with God, then God’s holiness becomes a part of who we are. The promise of God is that if we dwell in the house of holiness with God, then we, too, will be holy. 

The great promises of God remind us that we don’t have to be doing this on our own. We can’t stop the rain from falling. We can’t stop the storms from pounding. We can’t stop the world from pressing in upon us, but we can be God’s holy people. The place of refuge is to be found in the shelter of the rock, in the dwelling place of God. God is faithful, and God is holy.


Lord, I am grateful for your eternal promises and your gentle love which we can experience today.  Amen.


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