Fulfilling your Calling


But you, be sober in all things, endure hardship, do the work of an evangelist, fulfill your ministry.
(2 Timothy 4:5 NASB)



These are just a few of the final instructions given to Timothy regarding his ministry. They are quite clear and concise. He was to remain sober -- maybe an encouragement to take his work seriously and to have a sound mind about the things in which he was engaged. He was to endure hardship. Why is that? Because often fulfilling your calling means straining ahead, and putting up with difficulties. It's not an easy task and those who are going to do what God has called them to do must realize that they must put up with difficulties along the way. He was also to do the work of an evangelist. This was a mind-set -- one of intentionality when it came to encountering those who needed to know Christ. In doing this, Timothy would fulfill his calling.



Everyone who has been united with Christ has a calling -- and that is to be obedient to the heart of Christ. These final instructions to Timothy sound much like the heart of Christ. Therefore these challenges are not just for one who is called to "professional" ministry, but to everyone who has a calling -- which is every follower of Christ. We are to be sober -- to take very seriously our personal relationship with Jesus Christ. There is absolutely nothing else in life that can compare to our personal walk with him. Nothing else should take priority over our personal relationship with him.

The challenge to endure hardship is for all of us as well. There are times when life will be a challenge and there will be hardships. As those who are called, we are not promised a life of luxury or ease. Instead, there may be times when we literally live without most of the conveniences of contemporary life. We must learn to adjust and have a good attitude when we find ourselves in difficult circumstances. The circumstances are not a punishment, but rather, our calling.

Finally most of us shrink from the idea of evangelism. Somehow we believe that this is the work of those who have a special call, however that is not the case. Why wouldn't everyone who has encountered Jesus Christ desire to share that news with others? If we have been transformed by our relationship with him, the passion and desire for others to be transformed should literally ooze out of every pore. We must be praying for opportunities on a daily basis to let others know about Christ. When we do this, God brings people across our path who will ask questions or have a desire to know about Christ. When that happens -- do the work of an evangelist -- that is, simply share the "good news."

We all have a calling but the challenge is to fulfill that calling. It's too easy for the activities of life to become a distraction to what God may be asking us to do. Let's put all of that aside and with soberness evaluate what the heart of Christ may be challenging us to do today -- and in doing so, we will fulfill our calling.



Lord, please help me today to know your heart and to fulfill the call. Amen.


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