Really Getting It


Matthew 20:34 Moved with compassion, Jesus touched their eyes. Immediately they regained their sight and followed him. 


Jesus had healed so many different people and their responses were not always the same. Probably most went home to share with their families and loved ones what had happened to them. They may have been physically healed and yet failed to realize how much more they had received from Christ.
A handful probably became true Christ-followers, but not many, and that’s what makes this story unique. These people didn’t run home, they really got it — they understood the significance of what Christ had done for them. They immediately followed him.


The question for us today is whether we really get it? Christ has done so much for us and we get to witness his activity in and through our lives on a daily basis — and yet, do we really get it?

The temptation is to go on with life and not to follow him in a radical way. He is ready and willing to heal us of our blindness, a blindness that does not allow us to see beyond ourselves and our personal needs. He wants to heal us so that we can see the way in which he sees. He sees the hurts in our world — the pain that leads to the protests and frustration seen in cities across America — and he invites us to be healed and then to follow him! Where is he found today? He’s found in the very midst of the hurt and the pain and he says — “come and follow me.” We may want the healing, but we may not want the following. It’s comfortable to go home and show others what God has done for us — but not to follow him where he and his presence are desperately needed. God in us — that is the hope.

Really getting it means we accept the healing that he provides and immediately follow him. Jesus never played it safe. He went to the places that were struggling and his presence brought peace. If we really “get” it — we will immediately go with him.


Lord, may I follow you where you lead — today. Amen.


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