The Sport of Being a Fool


23     Doing wrong is like sport to a fool,
        but wise conduct is pleasure to a person of understanding.


It’s easy to get caught up in foolish behavior. Sometimes that foolish act can be followed by a rush of adrenaline and so the next foolish act is intentionally planned. It becomes a game and the fool derives pleasure from deceitful and sinful behavior. The addiction is physical and so foolishness becomes a sport played to provide the thrill.

On the other hand the person of wisdom receives pleasure by their restraint both in the present and the future. The wise person doesn’t have to deal with the negative consequences of foolish behavior. Wise conduct comes from an understanding of the big picture and doesn’t live in the thrill of the moment.


Many of us have encountered the friend or loved one who has become caught in the sport of foolishness. When continued the game leads to destruction.

Saved by the grace of God we are led to a life of wise conduct. Our new life in Christ means that we no longer desire to intentionally sin, which means we do not engage in the sport of being a fool. Foolishness is conduct unbecoming of a Christian and if we are enjoying the highs it provides — we must ask for God’s grace to release us from its grip and set us free! It is possible in the power and the grace of God’s holy spirit live a life of wisdom and understanding.


Lord, please release your children from foolish behavior.  Amen.


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