We Need Peace


2Th. 3:16   Now may the Lord of peace himself give you peace at all times in all ways. The Lord be with all of you.


Paul’s benediction for the Thessalonians was that peace would overwhelm them. He identified the Lord as “the Lord of peace himself.” God’s nature of holy love reaches out and fills his people, resulting in peace.

The prayer for peace was for “all times and in all ways.” This permeation of peace was also in his message of sanctifying the people “through and through.” The connection between God’s holy love and peace is clear and distinct and it is Paul’s desire for God’s people.

This is only possible when the Lord is with God’s people and so this becomes the final word of Paul’s prayer. His desire is that the Lord be with God’s people in all ways and all times! The result is peace, both personal and corporate.


Peace can seem elusive. Just read the daily headlines and we are overcome with the negative and evil that is in the world. There is too much hostility between people. Why are we so angry with one another?

A group of biker gangs gathered in Waco, TX and shot at one another. We seem to not even notice this news and yet, how in the world did we get to the place where we behave in this way?

We have cities in America where there is no peace. Issues of race are tearing us apart and we have for far too long, had a deaf ear to what is happening. Where is the peace?

In the Middle East a group by the name of ISIS has seized another city. Innocent, ordinary people are having their lives destroyed because there is no peace.

Paul’s prayer is one that we need today. Holiness is what the world needs today. Peace is what we need today.

Paul’s prayer for the Thessalonians is not one of a mediocre Christianity. The call and prayer is to a deeper walk with Jesus Christ and greater intimacy with the Prince of Peace. That deeper intimacy leads to entire sanctification and then God’s holy love flows from his people, transforming them into his people of holy peace. This is peace of heart and mind in the midst of trauma. It is also peaceful behavior in the midst of a chaotic war.

Rebecca Krikorian was a young Armenian woman who left Turkey prior to the first World War and came to America to raise funds for her mission back at home. While in America she received word of the atrocities her people were facing. Too many friends and family members were being murdered; and in ways which almost defy description. Overcome with grief she spent hours and hours in prayer and the God of peace ministered to her. He filled her heart with his peace and her desire in life was to return home and bring the good news of Jesus to the perpetrators of the heinous crimes. She worked tirelessly to raise money to go home with forgiveness and peace. Her peace could only have come from Christ himself, and of course it did, for she was intimately connected to him.

We need peace. Peace will only come when we know the Prince of Peace. This is for us, and should drive us to evangelize, bringing the good news of this peace to a world that is anything but peaceful.


Lord, may I know your peace.  Amen.


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