What Are the Poor Saying?


Prov. 21:13 If you close your ear to the cry of the poor,
    you will cry out and not be heard.


The poor have always been among us and they are crying out. Jesus reminded us that he was present in the one who needed to be clothed, fed and visited while in prison. Wisdom reminds us that we are to listen to what the poor are saying. We are to hear their cries for help and we are to respond for the day will arise when we need help. If we do not respond and hear what the poor are saying, no one will listen when we too are in need of assistance.


Walking through the streets of a large city it’s amazing all that the eye can see. It’s much different from getting in the car and simply driving from place to place, a bit insulated from the needs of those around you. While walking in the city one begins to see the needs of the poor on a different level. There are the homeless living out in the city square, crying out for help and justice. There are those who are begging for assistance on a street corner. There are simply the neighborhoods which “feel” different with the accompanying sights, smells and sounds.

Christ-followers are challenged to respond to the needs of these people and communities. The issues can be, at times, complex and God has gifted some to be able to wrestle with the complexities, while at the same time, we are simply called to be Jesus incarnate to those with needs!

The poor are saying that they need help. There will be a day in which we need help. Will we listen to the voices of needy around us today? Will we hear what they are saying? Minister today to the poor, and you are ministering to Christ himself. Listen!


Lord, may I live and respond today in your love.  Amen.


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