Don’t Worry About Tomorrow


Matt. 6:33 But strive first for the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.
Matt. 6:34 ¶ “So do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring worries of its own. Today’s trouble is enough for today.


Jesus understood that the things of this world carry very little value in light of eternity.  The things of this earth are simply temporary and will some day pass away.  On the other hand, the things of God and the kingdom will last forever.  Therefore we are to be actively engaged in the work of the kingdom.

Jesus was engaged in kingdom work.  On that dark and silent Saturday when the disciples had no clue as to the future, Jesus was working.  Everything he did was about the kingdom. 

On that Saturday the disciples were in despair.  Everything had changed with Jesus’ death.  What would happen tomorrow?  Could they muster the strength to remember the words of Jesus?  “Do not worry about tomorrow.”  They certainly would have been believing that “Today’s trouble is enough for today.”  Only they were concerned that tomorrow would be even worse.  The kingdom they had dreamed about seemed so very far away, and yet, it really wasn’t.  Jesus was already providing for the new kingdom in ways they would never have even imagined. 

But on Saturday the disciples could not see the kingdom and they were worried!


There may be times in life when we find ourselves living in the darkness of Saturday.  Life may seem without hope and the kingdom exceedingly far away.  We can’t imagine that there could be a Sunday — a resurrection. 

It is at these times we must hold onto the promises of Jesus.  We must always seek the kingdom and not worry about tomorrow.  When we put our trust in him for all things, then he will be with us through the dark and silent Saturdays and will lead us into Sunday when the kingdom will be revealed.  Life doesn’t always make sense.  The deep pain that we feel in the darkness makes us want to worry.  It’s not easy.  God seems silent and yet he will break through in victory.  When?  The disciples didn’t know.  Nothing made sense.  They had no idea what to do.  And so they mechanically went through the motions of life. 

None of us knows what tomorrow will hold.  We may view it as something glorious, such as the resurrection, or it may be the despair of Saturday.  In the midst of it all may God give us the strength to strive for the kingdom and his righteousness and not to worry.  This is the peace that Jesus brings us, even on Saturday.


Lord, we wait, not worrying about tomorrow.  Amen.


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