How Did I End Up In This Pit?


Matt. 15:14 Let them alone; they are blind guides of the blind. And if one blind person guides another, both will fall into a pit.”


Jesus was warning the disciples about the Pharisees.  They had distorted the word of God and were leading others to the pit of destruction.  The disciples were to leave these kinds of leaders alone for the result of their teaching would lead to the pit.  They were blind guides, but they were also leading the blind and those who followed needed to take responsibility for their blindness.  If only they had personally studied the Scriptures and not blindly followed blind leaders they would not have fallen into the pit.


After following blind leadership there may be a day when one awakes and asks, “How’d I end up in this pit?” 

It doesn’t happen just overnight.  Landing in the pit results from spiritual blindness and spiritual blindness may happen a little at a time. 

We become too busy with life to REALLY spend time with the Lord.  Instead we discover that we can click on the television and quickly catch someone’s preaching.  We are not spending enough time with the living Word to be discerning about what we hear and so our ears are tickled and we listen on.  We turn on the radio as we drive to have our devotional time with our drive-time preacher and again we may enjoy what we hear and without discernment, we follow them a little further. 

There’s really no time to pray and to get to know the Savior personally so we run into church on a Sunday morning and we enjoy our style of worship and a message on a popular theme, but we don’t know Jesus.  The preacher gets us riled up about particular issues and we want to help set the world right — but we have lost our first love.  Our eyes are now on the leader and the issues and/or concerns, but they are not seeking the face of God.  Instead of our vision becoming more and more clear as we keep our eyes on him, our vision becomes increasingly distorted as we focus on leaders and suddenly we no longer see or hear from Jesus and we find ourselves in a pit.

But our scriptures reminds us that Jesus came to get the lamb out of the pit — even on the Sabbath.  He doesn’t give up on us and so, if we find ourselves in the pit, spiritually blind, turn toward the sound of his precious voice.  Seek him, and seek his face and the light of Christ will return bringing you clear sight, lifting you from the pit.


Lord, may I seek your face and your voice today.  Amen.


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