With the Eternal In Mind


2Cor. 4:18 because we look not at what can be seen but at what cannot be seen; for what can be seen is temporary, but what cannot be seen is eternal.


Paul was keenly aware that the life that he was living in the flesh was simply temporary.  The materials things of the world really meant nothing as he had fixed his eyes on Jesus.  Paul’s desire was to be a reflection of Jesus Christ to the world around him and he knew this was only possible if he were focused on Christ.  Christ is eternal and when the gaze upon Christ becomes so compelling everything else simply fades into the background.


So many different factors in life can become distractions to our walk with Jesus Christ.  The “stuff” of life that gets thrown at us from day to day can sometimes get old and tiring but yet, it begins to fade in relation to Christ. 

When we begin to see relationships with others in terms of the eternal those things change as well.  Is a petty dispute really worth it?  Maybe we win the day but we lose out for all of eternity.  Is that really what we want?  Or, is it worth it to point out the flaws in others, hurting them and maybe causing collateral damage in their children for all of eternity?  How many young people, children of pastors, have run from the church because the “good saints” have been critical of their parents?  Everything that we say and do should be done with the eternal in mind.  Everything else — including my own personal rights today become a distraction to what Jesus has in mind for all of eternity.

This may be easier said than done because the temptations that we face on a daily basis are designed to distract us and will somehow hit us at our weakest point.  We must ask God to give us the grace to fix our eyes on him and remain fixed on him.  Paul learned this was the secret to his survival, but also to his spiritual growth! 

Daily living must be with the eternal in mind.  Let’s pray that God helps us today as we keep our eyes fixed on him.


Lord, please, keep me from the distractions of the world.  Amen.


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