But There Might Be a Lion Outside!


Prov. 2:13     The lazy person says, “There is a lion outside!
        I shall be killed in the streets!”


This Proverb sounds something like a plot from a Dr. Seuss book. Instead of tending to the work to be done, the lazy person is full of excuses. Every possible negative consequence is imagined and this one is so ridiculous that it practically makes one laugh,“I really can’t go to work today because there just might be a lion outside!”


True, there might be a lion outside, but the chances of you running into a lion today are pretty slim! However, this is the way in which we cope with things we don’t want to do. We come up with excuses to satisfy our conscience.

We do this in regard to our spiritual lives and responsibilities as well. What if God is calling us to go into a place of mission and ministry that is not comfortable for us? We may come up with our own similarly ridiculous excuses.

When God calls, we are to respond. Imagining every single negative possibility that will impede our progress will do nothing but stymie our activity. Focusing on the imaginary lion in the streets means we will stay home, close the shutters and try to “feel safe” while doing nothing.

We serve a God who challenges us to go out into the streets, even if there is a lion present. He’s been known to shut the mouths of the lions, both figuratively and physically. Do we believe in our God? Wisdom challenges us to trust in the Lord. Leave all the negative possibilities at home and go out into the streets, leaning on the Lord.


Lord, thank you for closing the mouths of lions.  Amen.


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