Doctrine Revealed in Action


Titus 2:1   But as for you, teach what is consistent with sound doctrine.  2 Tell the older men to be temperate, serious, prudent, and sound in faith, in love, and in endurance.


There must be consistency found in sound doctrine, and that consistency is to be found in a person's actions or behaviors. These are pointed out in the second sentence. Sound doctrine is to be revealed in a life of temperance, seriousness, prudence, “sound in faith, in love, and in endurance.” Words are empty if they are not supported by the actions of the preacher.


We may speak about doctrine, argue about doctrine and preach doctrine, but if we do not live doctrine our words will ring hollow.

Much time can be spent weighing in on issues of the day. We can write and speak about our opinions but there is a danger that this will so occupy our time that we forget that we are to be living out our doctrines. Our lives are living testimonies to that which we truly believe.

What does your life reveal about your doctrine? For me this is a sobering thought. If someone were to follow me all day long — watching what I do with my free time, examining what I eat, listening in on what I say and how I do my work — what would they think? Would my life be congruent with that which I preach?

Before I spend time worrying about what others are doing — before I speak or write a word — I need to examine myself. How am I living today? What does God need to work on in me? How do I remain sound in my faith, loving God and neighbor, and enduring through all the difficulties we face?

Doctrine revealed in action. This is the challenge.


Lord, please help me to live into your doctrine. Amen.


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