Using What You Have


Ecclesiastes 2:14     The wise have eyes in their head,
        but fools walk in darkness.


Wisdom leads us into a deep contemplation over life and what ultimately results. It is true that in the end we will all die, and yet there is a way in which we may all participate in the journey. We may use the gifts which we have received from God, or not.

The wise with eyes lift their heads to the face of God. They seek his face, his wisdom and leadership, the path illuminated with the light of God reflected in their own vision. The fool chooses not to use the resources that God has given, instead keeping their head down and walking in darkness, bumping into the temptations and stumbling blocks that life throws into the path.


The resources that are necessary for life are provided for us but we must take advantage of them or they will simply be wasted. The saying of wisdom is fascinating because all have been given eyes, it’s simply whether they are used or not. With eyes wide open we can follow the light, or we can choose to remain in the darkness.

God has given each of us gifts and abilities but we have to participate in the action. We are to follow our gifting and use it for his and our sakes. It is in using his resources that we are transformed into the holy people of God that he desires. Not only are we transformed but the world around us experiences God because we are willing to use what we have been given.

The limitations of our spiritual lives are often self-limitations. When we refuse to move into the fullness of the light and experience everything that God has for us, we will be limited. Could it be that there is much more available to use today and everyday than we could ever imagine. Let us use what we have and allow God’s powerful Spirit to flow through it, leading us evermore into his greater light.


Lord, may I walk in you and your light today. Please help me to trust in your resources.  Amen.


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