How Much Are You Working Out?


1 Timothy 4:8 for, while physical training is of some value, godliness is valuable in every way, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come.


There is value to caring for our physical bodies but this must be proportionate to training in godliness. In the Roman world physical training was a big deal and hours could be spent on working out and becoming extremely physically fit. This activity would only have temporal results. If Timothy were to apply the same energy to becoming spiritually fit, prepared for godliness this would benefit him now and for all eternity.


Working out is an important feature of our contemporary lives. Many people that I know make a specific effort to work out at least 3-4 times a week. They may do this in a variety of ways including going to the gym, riding bikes, walking, or running. All of this takes intentional time and effort, along with some self-discipline.

While this much time is being set-aside for physical training, are we doing the same when it comes to spiritual work-outs? Do we have 3-4 times a week in which we spend an hour or more in the word and in prayer? Unless work-outs in godliness become as much or more of a priority as physical exercise we will be weak spiritually.

The goal of the Christian life is to be united with Christ — and to become like him. That’s godliness. We are to run the race and press on toward the goal. This takes intentional self-discipline for the Christ-follower.

How much are you working out? If you’re more interested in your physical body than godliness, maybe you need to take some time to reevaluate!


Lord, help me within the spiritual and physical disciplines of life. Amen.


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