The Proverbs 31 Church


Prov. 31:10
    A capable wife who can find?
    She is far more precious than jewels.


This “Ode to a Capable Woman” is generally interpreted to be about a terrifically capable and faithful wife. However, commentators have also noted that one can interpret this as a reflection on the bride of Christ — the Church. Taken in this way it becomes a foreshadowing  of what is to come. The Messiah, the Bridegroom, will come and will establish his Church — the Bride. She will be the ultimate Proverbs 31 woman, the capable bride of Christ.


Just imagine what would happen if churches around the world adopted the Proverbs 31 woman as a template for themselves! There are plenty of activities in which to be well-grounded, all pointing to the health of the family members and as a positive reflection on the husband — Christ.

Let’s read a few portions and substitute in the relationship of Christ and his Church.

A capable Church who can find?
    Such a Church is far more precious than jewels.
11 The heart of Christ trusts in her,
    and he will have no lack of gain.
12 The Church does him good, and not harm,
    all the days of her life…
15 The Church rises while it is still night
    and provides food for her household
    and tasks for her servant-girls.
16 The Church considers a field and buys it;
    with the fruit of her hands she plants a vineyard.
17 The Church girds herself with strength,
    and makes her arms strong….
20 The Church opens her hand to the poor,
    and reaches out her hands to the needy…

23 Christ is known in the city gates,
    taking his seat among the elders of the land…
25 Strength and dignity are the Church’s clothing,
    and the Church laughs at the time to come.
26 The Church opens her mouth with wisdom,
    and the teaching of kindness is on her tongue.
27 The Church looks well to the ways of her household,
    and does not eat the bread of idleness.
28 Her children rise up and call her happy;
    the Messiah too, and he praises her…

The challenge for the Church is to be this kind of bride for Christ. The call is to faithfulness and service which comes out of a deeply rooted love for our Savior.


Lord, may your Church glorify you.  Amen.


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