1 Timothy 6:6 Of course, there is great gain in godliness combined with contentment;


John Wesley said that godliness with contentment was “the inseparable companion of true, vital religion.” There is a concept here that truly is inseparable. The word for contentment has a root in the idea of self-sufficiency of an inward focus, of being all sufficient unto one’s self, not as a lack of desire for outward things. If the goal of one’s self is godliness, then the inward focus of sufficiency is based on a personal relationship with God in which we are being formed in his image.

Contentment comes when all of life is focused on the goal of becoming like Christ. We are content because the world can no longer distract us from what is truly important in all things.


What is distracting you today?

I could list a myriad of things that could be on my mind. Sometimes I have trouble in the morning keeping focused on my study of the word because I’m making a mental list of everything that I need to do that day. I’m checking the weather forecast and thinking about what I’m going to wear. I’m looking at yesterday’s finish of the Dow Jones and I’m wondering what today has in store for earthly investments. I'm checking my calendar for appointments, etc.

And then the Lord sends a gentle reminder that the focus of life is to become like him. It’s encouraging to know that Timothy needed the reminder as well.

We really do find contentment when we relax and turn our focus to the Lord; when we tune out the distractions of the world and spend time in his holy presence. Somehow when I think of the word “contentment” I hear a big, deep, sigh.

Let’s take a deep breath, sigh, and soak in a face to face relationship with our holy God, asking him to shape and form us today into his image. This is godliness combined with contentment. Relax in him — and have a good day!


Lord, thanks for the gentle reminder. Amen.


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