Speak Out!


Prov. 31:8     Speak out for those who cannot speak,
        for the rights of all the destitute.
9     Speak out, judge righteously,
        defend the rights of the poor and needy.


These are the sayings of King Lemuel and reflect the ways in which he is to lead. Those who find themselves in positions of power and authority have a responsibility to speak up for those who are weak.

The orphan, the widow and the stranger are those who have no voice. They don’t know how to argue for their own rights and without a voice they can easily be forgotten. Responsibility lies on the shoulders of the person who finds themselves with a voice. Use your voice. “Speak out for those who cannot speak.”


As Christians we have a responsibility to “speak out for those who cannot speak.” This is our Christ-likeness in action. Not only is this advice or select words of wisdom from the Old Testament, we see this lived out in the life of Christ.

Jesus spoke up for the woman caught in adultery.
Jesus spoke up for the tax collectors.
Jesus spoke up for the poor beggars.
Jesus spoke up for those who were suffering with physical infirmities.

And often when he spoke up, and/or met these peoples’ needs he drove the religious officials crazy! They were unaccustomed to someone being an advocate for the destitute.

If Jesus is our example, then his followers must also become voices for the destitute. We reveal our love for God by the way in which we love others, and we demonstrate our love for God by speaking out on behalf of the destitute. It may be that when we refuse to speak out on behalf of the needy we are actually refusing to speak out for the Lord.

Being a Christ-follower is an active life that reveals our love for God. It cannot just be about a spiritual life, where we attend church and have a daily devotional, but it must be lived out in our words and actions on a daily basis.


Lord, please give me holy boldness to speak out for you.  Amen.


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